The IUOE Local 877 Scholarship Fund has been providing deserving children and grandchildren of Local 877 members with scholarships for post-high school institutions for over 10 years. Local 877 is proud to have contributed over $90,000 towards higher education.

The annual IUOE Local 877 Scholarship Golf Tournament has been the local’s vehicle in raising the funds that makes these scholarship awards possible.

How to Apply for Scholarships

Children and grandchildren of Local 877 members in good standing who are enrolled in a post-high school educational institution are eligible to apply for the scholarship. In order to be considered for a scholarship each applicant must submit their most recent school transcript (official) and a 500 word essay upon submission. Once chosen, the applicant must provide a current bill or proof of payment from their college before awards will be furnished.

Details for the application process will be sent to each member’s home by June of each year.


2018 Scholarship Opportunities

The IUOE Local 877 Scholarship:

As a result of the generosity of our members and sponsors at our 18th Annual Golf Tournament, we were able to award the following scholarships in 2017: one (1) $1250.00 Scholarship in the memory of Michael Soly and ten (10) $750.00 scholarships.

The Local 877 Scholarship application and details for 2018 will be availableĀ in late Spring 2018.

Other scholarships available to the families of Local 877 members are as follows:

Colleen Sullivan Nursing Scholarship 2017

Lou Sarno Scholarship 2017

IUOE Local 877 Scholarship Golf Tournament

The annual IUOE Local 877 Golf Tournament has been a great opportunity for members, friends, employers and Union officials to gather for a day of golf, good food, and prizes with the knowledge that 100% of the proceeds from this tournament go toward the Scholarship Fund.

As the Scholarship Fund is non-profit all contributions are tax deductible.

The next Scholarship Golf Tournament will be held at the New England Country Club in Bellingham, MA in September 2018.