Celebrating Earth Day with IUOE Local 877!

Published On: April 22, 2022

Our members are making an impact for our partners, our communities, and our environment. On this Earth Day, we reflect on the serious effects of climate change and look towards ways to lower our carbon footprint. While we highlight the ways the members of IUOE Local 877 have contributed to rectification projects, we encourage all members to recall other ways you may have contributed to the well-being of our Earth. Thank you for looking after our planet!

The past few years have brought our local multiple green jobs, including a project with Vicinity Energy and a partnership with Ecomaine. With these opportunities, we are grateful to contribute to a healthier environment.

Vicinity Energy maintains Greater Boston’s network of thermal energy pipelines, which pump steam directly to buildings in the area. This form of energy is much more efficient and sustainable for our environment than fossil fuels alone. Local 877 had the pleasure of completing a project with Vicinity Energy in the Fall of 2021, repairing and replacing these pipelines to ensure a safe and effective system. Due to its innovative operations, Vicinity Energy is projected to reach carbon neutrality by 2055.

Ecomaine is a unique company that turns trash into energy, limiting the amount of waste sent to the landfill and powering thousands of homes in Southern Maine. In collaboration with IUOE Local 4, our members ensure that the plant’s mercurial boiler and conveyor systems run smoothly. We are lucky to have this ongoing, plentiful partnership with Ecomaine.

These partnerships would not be possible without you, our members, showing up each day to perform this valuable work. We look forward to creating more meaningful partnerships for the betterment of our local, our communities, and our planet.

Happy Earth Day from IUOE Local 877!