2018 Local 877 Scholarship Fund Golf Tournament

It’s that time of year again!  Registration for The Annual Golf Tournament has begun.  Invitations will be mailed out soon to all members but are also available below as well as on the Scholarship page of this website.  Please contact your Business Agent or Melissa Thomas with any questions.

We are looking forward to another successful tournament so that we can continue to provide scholarships to well-deserving children and grandchildren of Local 877 members!

The deadline for golfer registration is September 7, 2018, so don’t wait, claim your spot now!

Invitation to Tournament 2018

Participant form 2018


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GBLC Statement Regarding Janus v. AFSCME

No court decision can stifle the hopes, dreams and aspirations of working people that can only be achieved with a union and a voice on the job. I know with our strong group of innovative union leaders, a deep union culture and an energized rank and file membership Boston will always be a union city!

Richard Rogers, Executive Secretary-Treasurer, Greater Boston Labor Council

Statement by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on the Supreme Court’s decision in Janus v. AFSCME, Council 31:

The Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision in Janus v. AFSCME, Council 31, abandons decades of commonsense precedent. In this case, a bare majority of the court, over the vigorous dissent of four justices, has conceded to the dark web of corporations and wealthy donors who wish to take away the freedoms of working people. Until it is overturned, this decision will be a political stain on what is intended to be the most honorable, independent body in the world. But more importantly, it will further empower the corporate elites in their efforts to thwart the aspirations of millions of working people standing together for a better life.

But here’s the thing: America is heading in a different direction. All over the country, workers are organizing and taking collective action as we haven’t seen in years. More than 14,000 workers recently formed or joined unions in just a single week. This followed a year where 262,000 workers organized and the approval rating of unions reached a nearly 14-year high. Working families know the best way to get a raise, better benefits and a voice on the job is through a union contract. The corporate narrative of the labor movement’s downfall is being dismantled by working people every single day.

We have never depended on any politician or judge to decide our fate and we aren’t about to start now.

For more information, visit FreedomtoJoin.org.

Contact: Carolyn Bobb, 202-637-5018 or cbobb@aflcio.org  


Call Your State Reps to Stop Wage Theft Now!

Wage theft is a Massachusetts epidemic that hurts vulnerable families and costs millions in tax revenue. But with your help, we can stop it.

The Senate just passed a bi-partisan bill that would crack down on dishonest employers. Now we need the House to step up and pass S.2574 too.

Will you join us in telling your Representative to stand up  for working families, not criminals?

Time isn’t on our side. Session is over in just a few short weeks, and business groups are lobbying around the clock to make sure the bill never gets a vote. So we have to turn up the heat now and make our voices heard.

Click here to tell your Representative: No more victims. No more excuses. Stop wage theft now.

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