Local 877 Group Apprenticeship Program

The Massachusetts Division of Apprenticeship Standards has approved Local 877 to administer our own Apprenticeship Program. Apprenticeship is now a key requirement in obtaining a Massachusetts Refrigeration License through the Department of Public Safety. The Local will work closely with our employers to offer this three year apprenticeship to our members. The program requires a minimum of 150 hours of classroom time in each of the three years, in conjunction with employment at one of our signatory employers.

Local 877 Training Programs

Local 877 offers a number of training courses developed by the International Union of Operating Engineers and administered by Local 877 professionals.

The Local 877 HVAC Training Program is approved by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This program is designed to provide the necessary classroom time for application for Refrigeration Licensing. Administered in 4 sessions of 75 hours (HVAC I, HVAC II, Basic Electricity & HVAC Controls) the course provides for classroom instruction.

For more information please e-mail training@local877.org or contact the Union office.

Classes have been delayed and will be scheduled for January details to follow



Application Training Application1


Blackboard Training (Online)

The Local offers two courses from the International in the following subjects:




If you are interested in taking any of these training courses, please contact training@local877.org.